Video Zoom 2 - iPhone's first video zoom


1. What are the uses of Video Zoom App?

A. The iPhone's native camera does not have a zoom feature for video. The Video Zoom app adds the digital zoom capability to their video camera.

2. Is Video Zoom 2 app same as Video Zoom app ?

A. The original Video Zoom app was released on Dec 23, 2009 from a different developer account. It had to be moved to another different developer account for unavoidable reasons and therefore was re-released as a new app on Jan 20, 2011. The title was renamed to Video Zoom 2 as it has significantly more features compared to its predecessor.

3. What is the maximum zoom level supported by the App?

A. Upto 3x digital Zoom.

4. What is new in Video Zoom 2 ?

A. Video Zoom 2 provides:

i. Real time zoom feature, i.e. it allows you to change the zoom while recording as many times as you desire.

ii. Upto 3x digital zoom of video with no compromise on the frame rate,

iii. Perfect SMOOTH video without jitters just like the one recorded by native iPhone camera. All other third party video recording apps have poor resolution as well as low frame rate with occasional jitters,

iv. Shoot as many videos in succession and come back any time later to selectively export and save to camera roll,

v. Play/Preview the recordings with zoom any time within the app,

vi. Tap to focus/exposure,

vii. Flash support for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G,

viii. Supports both landscape as well as portrait orientation mode record with zoom. To record in landscape mode, make sure you hold the phone in landscape mode, adjust zoom and then press recording button. Likewise for portrait mode. This is the only app that correctly supports both portrait and landscape modes,

ix. Choose video resolution

x. High Reliability: In case a phone call comes in the middle of recording, the video is automatically saved in the internal library which can be later previewed and exported. No need to worry if a call you accidentally quit the app while the video is being recorded/exported - you will get the chance to recover the valuable moments that you captured.

4. What's new in version 2.5 of Video Zoom 2 ?

A. The latest update provides major performance boost. On faster devices like iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, new iPad running iOS 5.1 or later, the update completely eliminates the need for a rendering/post processing pass. iPhone 4S users can therefore simply shoot and zoom in real time and on finishing recording can immediately export the video to camera roll or share on YouTube or Facebook.

5. How do I use the app to record video with zoom on older devices ?

A. On older devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, you need to perform following steps:

i) Press the recording button, use the slider to adjust zoom anytime while recording,
ii) Video is immediately saved in the internal video library which can be opened by pressing the list button at the bottom,
iii) Shoot as many videos as required in succession, then tap the list button to scan through the recordings,
iv) Tap on the video, select Play to preview the clip, Export to start exporting process.
v) Once the export is complete, tap the Save to Camera Roll button to save the clip to Camera Roll

6. How do I save video to camera roll ?

A. By pressing the button "Save to Camera Roll". However on older devices (iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G), you will first need to perform rendering before you can save to camera roll

7. Can I preview the zoomed video immediately after export ?

A. Yes.

8. How reliable is the app for recording critical moments ?

A. The app surpasses rest of the video recording apps when it comes to reliability. For example, the app automatically backsup the video recording if there is an incoming phone call or the app is quit accidentally. You can access the video in the list of recordings by reopening the app, and choose to preview or export. It's perfectly reliable, as reliable as iPhone's native video recorder.

9. Can I change the zoom level while recording ?

A. Yes.

10. What is the default resolution of the zoomed Video ?

A. 1920x1080 for iPhone 4S, new iPad,
1280x720 for iPhone 4, iPod touch 4g, iPad 2,
640x480 for iPhone 3GS

11. Does the app supports recording/zooming in portrait mode ?

A. Yes, the app supports recording and zooming in all the modes -- Portrait and Landscape. To use the app for recording in landscape mode, make sure you hold the iPhone in landscape mode, adjust zoom and THEN press recording button. Likewise, to record in portrait mode, you must hold the iPhone in portrait mode, adjust zoom and only then press recording button. The iPhone 3GS video recorder locks itself with the orientation of the phone WHEN you pressed the recording button -- not before or after it. Therefore, if you follow this rule there will be no issues.