VideoPix - iPhone's first video frame capture app

VideoPix was originally released on Oct 25, 2009 and was shortly featured in the "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" category in US/Jananese app stores. The app had to be migrated to Mirage Labs developer account and hence was released as a new app again on Nov 16, 2010. For reviews of the older version of VideoPix, see here .

VideoPix is the iOS's first and only video frame grabber. It is an enhanced video player capable of playing videos in slow and fast motion, and has single frame forward and backward controls with an option to save the frame from your video as a picture in a matter of seconds. Thus, you can now capture the perfectly timed pictures from your videos in no time. VideoPix allows you access to a class of pictures that you simply didn't have access to before, all in the palm of your hands.

VideoPix supports all iOS devices and requires iOS4.1 or later. If you happen to be an iPhone 4S user, you have the luxury of grabbing high resolution perfectly timed frames(1920x1080) from videos shot by iPhone 4S HD camera. In general, the resolution of grabbed frames equals source video resoluyion Note that the resolution is higher than iPod touch 4g native still camera resolution. Not only that, it can play upto 1080p videos on your iPhone/iPad with ease.

New in version 2.0.1:

-Watch slow motion playback on your Television or external display by connecting your iOS device with a compatible adaptor(such as Apple VGA or Digital AV adaptor) and cable,

-Mirroring support on iPad 2, output videos on your television and watch them in slow motion/fast motion or at normal speed in full screen mode on both iPad and television at the same time(works even with VGA adaptor),

-Record video within the app on any iOS device with video camera,

-Choose and work with any non-DRM video stored in Videos app - so now you can watch music videos purchased from iTunes in slow & fast motion, or grab frames from movies ripped from DVDs and synched from iTunes.

The app also gives users an option to import upto 1080p H.264 MP4/MOV videos(on iPad/iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4/iPod Touch 3g&4g) into the app from their computer using iTunes File-Sharing and play them at normal rate/slow motion/fast motion with sound and also pause and move single frame forward and backward at a time. You can grab cool 1920x1080 resolution pictures from 1080p videos.

Those using point-and-shoot cameras like Flip HD or iPod Nano can directly sync videos to iOS device using iTunes and grab stills at leisure. The app also allows you to crop the "action part" of the frame, and apply effects like B&W, Sepia to the frames before saving so that now you can present the frames even better. Use these grabbed frames anywhere- email them, set as wallaper, use in a photo montage, whatever.

In addition, app supports MJPEG videos with resolution as high as 1600x1200. MJPEG is a video format used by most of the digital cameras for shooting videos. This means you can now grab high quality stills from videos shot by your digital camera.

iPad users can use iTunes or Apple's Camera Connection kit to sync videos to Photo Albums and thern use them directly in the app. The Camera Connection Kit can be used to import videos shot by iPhone, iPod Nano, and some of the camcorders and digital cameras directly into the iPad's SPhoto Albums.

VideoPix is the only app which allows you grab 1920x1080 resolution frames from videos(twice the resolution of screenshot) on iPhone 4S. This means awesome high res pics from your favourite movies and videos. Check out our Effects page to see the serious damage you can do with VideoPix. Also, you can read our FAQ 2.0 for more technical info.

As always, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4g users can use their video recorder to record video and grab the perfectly timed pictures later.

If you are a Flip HD Camcorder user or iPod Nano(5G) video camera user who could never take still pictures using these devices, you can now do so using VideoPix. Just import your shots from your Flip or iPod Nano to your computer and from there to your iPhone/iPod touch and mine them for the perfect pictures at your leisure. Saving stills from your HD footage was never so easy, just import video inside the app using iTunes File Sharing and grab stills on your iPhone or iPod touch while lying on bed -- no learning curve required, clean and simple UI makes it so easy to use. You don't need to learn or use any complex video editing software to grab stills. iPad users however can also use Apple's Camera Connection kit(CCT) to import videos directly from iPhone or iPod Nano. Check whether CCT supports your particular Camcorder model and version for direct import of videos, otherwise you can always use the iTunes File Sharing to import videos.

For other HD camcorder users, you can always convert your videos in mp4 format and import them inside the app to grab frames.See here for conversion tips. You can also download your favorite YouTube videos(360p, 480p, or 720p) in mp4 format using any of the downloaders available on the web and then import it to your iPhone or iPod touch and pull out the most thrilling pictures.

Movie lovers who wanted to get screencaps from their HD movies can now RIP movies in Apple TV or iPhone 4 compatible format using any of the free video converters available on the web and directly import the converted video into the app to get the best screencaps from their favorite movies.

Finally, the app is not just about screencapping. The ability to play video in slow motion, move single frame forward/backward at finger tap is in itself very powerful. Golfers can use it to analyze their golf swing frame-by-frame to find the imperfections. Dance lovers can analyze dance steps in detail, etc. Lots of our golfing users have thanked us for this app. Fast and slow motion playback with sound can just be a plain fun many a times.

Check out some example shots that were extracted by our users from videos. Also, do check out the frames extracted from high
res video here.
As a special use case of the VideoPix, it empowers you to capture all the moments important to you.

What moments are important to you?

-Babies first steps.
-That special twinkle in a loved one's eyes.
-Funny expressions on your friends faces as they sing karaoke.
-Your child kicking the winning goal.
-That once in a lifetime wedding picture of Uncle Al doing the funky chicken.
-Love at first sight with a face in the crowd.
-Your dog catching the frisbee in mid-air.

VideoPix is easy to use. Here's how-

See it - Load any video from the list of sources into VideoPix. Browse the video with your finger.

Save it - When you find one or more perfect pix save them to VideoPix's built-in library as well as camera roll.

Share it - Send your perfect moments to everyone that matters. Photos can go from the VideoPix library, straight to the camera roll, email and Facebook.


• Select any video in the Camera Roll/Photo Albums(any iOS device),

• Select any non-DRM video in Videos App (any iOS device running iOS 5.0 or later).

• Record video from within app (any iOS device with video camera),

• Import and work with upto 1080p Videos in MP4/MOV file format from your computer using iTunes File Sharing,

• Slow Motion playback (upto 1 fps speed) with adjustable rate during playback. Sound only supported above 15 fps playback rate,

• Normal speed playback at 30 fps,

• Fast Motion playback upto 2x speed with Sound,

• VGA output to external Display - connect your iOS device to an external display using Apple VGA or Digital AV adapter and watch slow or fast motion playback on the bigger screen,

• Full screen video mirroring support on iPad 2,

• Simple and Fast User Interface with built in video Player with navigation controls,

• Frame Level Navigation accuracy(move one frame forward or backward at a time to capture the right moment)

• Crop and apply filters within the app before saving frame to camera roll/photo albums. Supported filters are B&W, Sepia,

• Full fledged iPhone Photos app like internal photo library for storing frames.

• Email the pictures,

• Share pictures on Facebook from within the app(iPhone/iPod touch only),

• Save pictures with correct metadata (GPS coordinates, timestamp of chosen video),

• The converted pictures have the same resolution as original video,

• 24x7 email support available.

You can read the VideoPix FAQ for more information.
If you can not see the video, click here.