Video Email FAQ

FAQ for v1.0.0

1. What do I do with Video Email App ?

A. The Photos app on iOS does not allow attaching more than 54 seconds of a video, and not more than 5 photos to an email. Video Email app gives you a lot
more flexibility in composing emails with Video/Photo attachments. Under appropriate settings it allows you to attach up to 4 minutes and 30 seconds of video or upto 50 or more photos. In the iPad version of Video Email, you can compress and attach upto 10 minutes of video.You can also use the app to send videos in HD resolution on one hand, and on the flip side also allows you to compress videos to lower resolution so as to have lesser attachment size.

2. Can I attach Photos with Video Email app ?

A. Yes, Video Email allows you to attach Photos in addition to Videos.

3. How does the app work ?

A. The work flow is simple.

(i) On the main app screen, tap on the '+' button to add a new Project. Give it a name of your choice. This name would be the default Subject line of the email,

(ii) Select the Project and start attaching videos/photos from Photo Albums, give them appropriate titles/file names if you desire, preview them, and attach them to email. In case the attachments total size exceeds the maximum attachment size limit, you can selectively remove one or more attachments.

4. What are the various settings available and which one do I use ?

A. The app allows you to choose between four Video Compression Profiles, four Photo Compression Profiles(Full Resolution, 1180x960, 960x720, 720x480, 480x360), and also a maximum attachment size which the user is permitted to attach and send(2 MB, 5 MB, 10 MB, 15 MB). Use the Good Video Quality to attach videos in HD resolution, and the Low profile to compress videos to smaller size.

5. What are the default settings, how large can my message be in default settings ?

A. The default setting is Average Video Compression, 1180x960 Photo Resolution, and 15 MB maximum attachment size. In this case, video is compressed to 568x320 resolution, the total size of all attachments together can be 15 MB. So if you are attaching a single video, you are allowed to attach roughly 150 seconds(2 min and 30 seconds).

6. What do I do if I want to attach more than 150 seconds of video with the app ?

A. Change the Video Quality Setting to Low. This forces video conversion at 480x270 resolution and creates more space to accommodate a larger video. With these settings, you can attach upto 4 minutes and 30 seconds of a video to an email. In the iPad version, you can even choose the Video Quality to "Lowest" and attach video upto 10 minutes long.

7. What happens if the Video is longer than allowed by the chosen Settings ?

A. Based on Settings, the app automatically calculates how many seconds of video it can compress under the specified size limit and gives you an option to Trim video in the edit screen.

8. How do I know the right maximum attachment size to set ? On what factors does it depend ?

A. The maximum attachment size depends on your email service provider as well as email service provider of the recipient. So if recipient email provider has a limit of 10 MB, then any message of size more than 10 MB sent to the recipient will bounce. Today, almost all major email service providers like GMail, MobileMe, yahoo have limits above 15 MB. You can get complete detailed comparison of attachment sizes here:

9. Do I need to enter user credentials in the app to send email ? How is the email sent ?

A. You do NOT enter any user name/password inside the app. Instead the app uses iOS in app mail feature which simply queues the email to the Outbox of Mail app. After you hit the send button, check the mail app for sent progress. The email is completely sent in background by the Mail app.

10. Does the app keep track of Delivery Status ? How do I know email has been Sent or has Failed ?

A. The app simply queues the email to Outbox. So just keep track of Mail App for delivery status.

11. Can I delete the Project after I press the Send Button ?

A. Yes, you can delete the project by pressing the Trash button after you have Sent the email. But we advice you to keep the project till the Mail app confirms the delivery status of email.