Using a tool like Videora (downloadable at, one has to download the Videora Apple TV converter here, please note that there are many other converters available as well Videora is what we like) will convert the raw video to app conpatible high resolution 720p videos. You can then import these videos in your iphone/ipod touch using the web interface provided by the app and play them in slow motion, navigate through the frames, and save as many frames at your liesure anywhere/anytime. Shown below are instructions on how to use such converter along with screenshots.

As shown above, choose the options of H.264 720p as encoding and output profile. To significantly enhance the seek performance for the video when used with the app, it is recommended to Edit the profile using the Edit Profile button to increase the key frame rate.

Go to the Video tab on top and change the keyframe interval to 25 from whatever value it has(by default it is 250). That's it. Now you are ready to convert the video.