Video Zoom


A great idea! - The Daily App Show - VERSION 1.0 - Nov 14, 2009

One of the best photo apps - 4 stars - by Stefanos - Version 1.2 - Dec 21, 2009

This app is for every iPhone photographer enthusiast!! You will NEVER miss a great shot! The 3GS video cam shoots at 30 fps, and you can catch nice still images of 1/500 shutter speed at full resolution!!! I grabbed pix from my videos of water splashing and even snow being thrown and the pix have no motion blur!!! Better yet, within the app, you can email up to 20 pix w/full res at the same time!! This is an addicting and innovative app! Best .99 cents I spent in the app store this past year!!(Standing Ovation)

It Works! - 4 Stars - by Mark4g - Version 1.0 - Oct. 25, 2009

I discovered pictures hidden within my videos and now have the ability to mine them.

I like this app - 5 Stars - by Belly Dancer - Version 1.0 - Oct. 26, 2009

I have taken some pictures out of videos of my friends and my dogs that I could not get because the regular camera is too slow to take a picture. It's sort of neat to make everything move backwards and forwards to get the pictures that you want. I like this app.

Great Addition!!! - 4 Stars - by iPhoneographer _ Version 1.0 - Oct. 27, 2009

This is a great addition to my photography apps collection. As well works nicely hand in hand with my 3GS videos giving me the chance to grab individual still captures with my videos. Great way to extend that special moment caught on your 3GS video...Now can be saved as a still photo with ease. I give VideoPix a 4 Star review & hope that they will make the UI & functions just a bit more user friendly. No guess work just simple.

Video Picture Taker - 5 Stars - by iplay2 - Version 1.0 - Oct. 27, 2009

This app is just plain fun. I have lots of videos on my 3GS and I've gone through a bunch just to see if there are any good pictures in them. You'd be surprised how many cool shots you can pull out of them. I'd post some here if Apple would let you put pictures in reviews :-(

Great App - 4 stars - by Eric23nyc - Version 1.0 - Oct. 27, 2009

I was searching through new apps and came across this video software editing tool. This is AMAZING!!! Just think if u had that great video file at Disney or a party and there was one moment u looked great. This software is wonderful as it allows u to take that picture out of the video in seconds. U can go ahead and save that file to ur photo library. I think that is awesome and well worth the money. Great job!!!!

WOW! Works great - 5 stars - by BG111- Version 1.0 - Oct. 27, 2009

Easy to use and produces great results. Single frame picture quality surpassed my expectations. This app opens up new opportunities to capture the moment in a photograph. I'll be using movie mode a lot more now to get action pictures or catch the best facial expressions.

A Must Have App For Video ITC - 5 stars - by DowneyITC - Version 1.0 - Oct.28, 2009

This app is a dream come true for me! Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) is a passion of mine. I'm so thrilled I can now review my videos for anomolies, one frame at a time, right on my phone. Without this app, I had to transfer video from my iPhone to my computer before I could look for 'spirit' images. Now I have the ability to do a quick glance through the video for the more obvious faces (though smaller ones are still the best found after transfer). Loved that the saved frame is placed into both the app and the photo roll. I can pull the shot into Photogene from the roll if I want to work with the image prior to emailing, which is a plus. I'm sure I'll use the app for it's normally intended purposes as well, but figured I'd leave this review for other ITCers out there and for those
who may be interested in the subject but didn't know it could be this easy. OMGosh. I've wanted the ability to do on-the-go ITC for years and now I can!!! I feel like I've won the lottery. Well...sort of. LOL. Bottom Line: This app is worth the money.

simply gr8!!! - 5 stars - by dark_knight001 - Version 1.0 - Oct. 30, 2009

This is AMAZING!!! I am able to capture and share very funny moments in my videos which I could NEVER take using the still camera on the phone...gr8 work seeitwithus. I am eagerly waiting for the coming updates.

Our Customer Emails

Awesome!! Great program! Love being able to save a frame of video. I get way better pictures than trying to capture a single moment with the camera. Thank you!!
Just bought this app. Great concept.
Thanks for getting back to me. It appears that rebooting the phone solved the problem. I appreciate the promptness.
Great app luv ure work purchased in New Zealand using it as part of my business no longer take photos just use video. Would be cool to link to to further enable social media as then can post direct to other sites.
WOW! Works really well. Opens up a lot of new photo opportunities.I liked best: that your app opens up new photo possibilities for action shots, magic moment shots, and best facial expression shots of people. Also, single frame quality is surprisingly good and your app is easy to use. As a retired software developer, I'm picky but... What I liked least was that while the UI was pretty good and the controls were wonderfully functional, there was room for improvement to remove some ambiguities ('choose') for example ('Choose a Frame' would be more clear - if there is screen room). I was able to guess what actions to take, but others might be confused. It's a good app.