MoviePro : Video Recorder with Pause, Zoom, Secret Mode, and Multiple Recording Options with Fastest Performance

MoviePro - the most powerful video recording & film making app for iPhone with innumerable recording options (pause, zoom, flexible fps & resolution, selectable video & audio compression, uncompressed audio, take stills while recording, secret mode recording, Audio Metering, and many more). Fastest video camera with BEST video zoom that now works on any iOS device (pay only once and install it both on your iPhone and iPad) ! Featured by AppAdvice, TUAW, 148apps, iClarified.

"To say the app is feature rich would be an understatement…In just a few minutes of using MoviePro, I am definitely impressed" - AppAdvice

"If you do a lot of moviemaking on your iPhone, you'll probably want something with extended capabilities" - TUAW

"MoviePro adds several useful features to enhance and improve the video recording experience on the iPhone" - 148Apps

"This is a video recording app that is filled to the brim with amazing features." - AppAdvice

"MoviePro is a new video recording app for the iPhone that offers a plethora of configuration options." - iClarified

"Hollywood for the Masses - a must have for all budding Steven Spielberg or Joe Public alike" - Lionel Bloomfield, Secretary of Colchester Film Makers, United Kingdom


▶ Pause/Resume while recording,

▶ Real Time Video Zoom : Simply blows away competition in terms of resolution and smoothness on any iOS device.

▶ Capture Stills while recording,

▶ Select from a long list of Video Resolutions starting from 1920x1080 to as low as 320x240,

▶ Frame Rate - 30p, 25p, 24p, and down to 1 Fps. Locking to 25 Fps for right viewing experience on PAL TV, 24 Fps for movie compositing. No need to resample your videos from 30 fps to 25 fps or 24 fps,

▶ Aspect Ratio : From widescreen 16:9, NTSC/PAL standard definition 4:3, to NTSC 3:2(720x480) aspect, and also anamorphic widescreen aspect ratios like 2.75:1, 2.55:1, 2.40:1, 2.35:1, 2.25:1,2.20:1, 2:1, 1.86:1, 1.85:1,

▶ Select Video Recording Quality (Bit rate) : Choose super 200% quality ( i.e. double the quality of iPhone's native video camera), 150%, 100%(native quality), or select 75%, 50%, 40%, & 25% to conserve disk space,

▶ Uncompressed Audio Option,

▶ External Microphone Input :Supports external microphones like those from Ampridge ( to allow Real Time Monitoring and playback using the built-in headphone jack. I have personally found this microphone to be very sleek and powerful compared to other ones, including the more expensive ones !

▶ Live Audio Metering option available through Settings,

▶ Select Record Duration : Choose a finite record duration, or select Unlimited to continue recording till disk space is exhausted,

▶ Timer Triggered Recording : Set up a countdown timer to automatically trigger recording, very useful if you are using Tripod,

▶ In App Dropbox/YouTube/Facebook video upload in full resolution,

▶ Single or Separate focus/exposure mode,

▶ AE, AF, Auto White Balance Lock,

▶ Insert Location tag, Copyright info in Video Metadata,

▶ Automatically Inserts Creation Date in Video Metadata,

▶ Video Stabilisation Setting option on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, new iPad (requires iOS 6.0 or later)

▶ Very high reliability : You will never ever lose a single video whether a phone call comes on or you accidentally quit the app while recording

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What's New in this Version

- Universal Binary supporting both iPhone and iPad,
- Bug fix for broken UI on iPad with iOS 5.1,1 or earlier,
- Bug fix for incorrect Creation Date in Video Metadata,
- 1024x768 resolution now works on iPhone 4 and iPad.
- Advanced resolutions like 1024x768, 960x720, work on iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G,
- Other bug fixes

Change Log from Version 1.0 :

- iPhone 5 & iOS 6.0 support,
- Universal binary supporting both iPhone & iPad,
- No more Shutter sound while taking stills,
- Now supports Full HD zoom upto 4x @30 fps on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5g, iPad (for older devices like iPhone 4 & 3GS, zoom is supported upto 25 fps),
- Awesome features like Pause, Zoom now also supported on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 3GS,
- Pause button is now near recording button,
- Upto 225% video bit rate as compared to native camera of iPhone,
- Now supports Uncompressed Audio,
- External Microphone support for stereo mode recording,
- Front Camera Support,
- Audio Metering,
- Now supports Video Stabilization (Requires iOS 6.0 or later, iPhone 4S or later)
- Special buttons provided for locking Focus & Exposure,
- Secret Mode Recording option,
- Now displays Video and Audio Quality of the recorded video in the Library,
- UI Enhancements and changes as per users feedback,

Note : Refer this page for our privacy policy for Facebook account access for the purpose of uploading videos from within MoviePro app.